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Right 2 Fight Kill Aura

Killaura faces its target on the server-side, but not on the client-side. This allows the user too look around freely while still preventing other players and server plugins from seeing that Killaura is being used. (See the pictures on the right for a demonstration of this effect.)

Right 2 Fight Kill Aura

Alternatively, Oryx may summon a blight at the front of the area, and start teleporting players one at a time into it. Inside is a Shade of Oryx. You must kill the Shade before too much time has elapsed, or the party is wiped. Once the Shade is dead everyone is returned to the Oryx fight, and the cycle starts anew.

Welcome to your first real encounter. This area is divided into three separate areas, with Hive and Taken-themed rooms connected to the middle chamber on the right and left. Both of these lower chambers will do damage to players when they enter them. On the hill leading down to these side rooms will be an orb that you can pick up. Doing so will give you a buff called Brand of the Weaver, which will make users invincible to the passive damage each of these rooms normally do. They also create a small aura around the buff holder that makes anyone who stands inside them invincible to the passive damage from the rooms. Keep in mind enemies can still hurt you in this aura!

Before you start the encounter divide into two teams of three. Both teams will be doing the same things, just on opposite sides of the room. When the fight begins, have one person on each side run down, grab the orb to get the Brand of the Weaver buff and go stand on the plate in the back of their respective side chambers. That person then just needs to stand on the plate and kill enemies. Meanwhile, the two in the center should kill the Hive Wizards and Taken Knights. These enemies will spawn on the left and right raised platforms in the center room.

When the fight starts, the War Priest will spawn on the back stage and a bunch of enemies will pour into the room. Kill all the Hive enemies that enter for now. Eventually, an orange bar Hive Knights called Revenant Knights will run out in each of three sections of this room. Each duo should prioritize and kill their Revenant Knight to begin the glyph sequence.

After the last person steps on their plate, they will glow red with a buff called Brand of the Initiate. Players can only damage the War Priest in this aura and it will only last for 15 seconds. Additionally, you should DPS by one of the three main pillars in the room. As the Brand of the Initiate timer countdown, someone else on your team should search for a Taken Knight called a Brandstealer. This knight will never spawn in a section of the arena where the last plate is. Meaning, that if the last plate someone stood on was the right one, the Taken Knights will appear in the middle and top left.

Once you kill the Brandstealer, take the orb and run back to the red aura that everyone should be standing in. Steal the Brand of the Initiate from the aura holder when there are only a couple of seconds left to extend the damage phase. Now have someone else run out and search for the second Taken Knight. Kill the knight, take the Brand Claimer buff, and go steal the aura for a second time. No more Taken Knights will spawn, so focus on damaging the boss until the DPS phase ends. Do not run when the damage phase is over, as the boss will unleash a wipe mechanic that kills anyone not hanging out behind a pillar. Once the wipe ends, the pillar your team is behind will vanish and cannot be used for protection again.

After all, the Knights are killed and the Taken player has grabbed the orb of light one of the four plates will glow green. Stand on this to begin the platforming process again and make a member of your fireteam Taken. No more Ogres or Hive Knights will spawn, so you can focus on killing the other Taken enemies roaming around the arena. After two more times of this, a Hive Knight will spawn where Oryx initially started at the beginning of this fight and rush towards the center. They will have the Daughters of Oryx immunity bubble around them.

Doing so will stun Oryx and begin the damage phase. Now shoot his chest with your weapons until he moves back to the back of the arena. Oryx will now launch one of two different attacks. The first is he will spawn bombs that appear right on top of you and instantly detonate. Either keep running around the platforms or up and down the center of the arena to avoid being killed.

A couple of tips for better synergy: an Unstoppable Ogre will spawn a couple of times during the fight at the center plate. Bring appropriate mods. A Shotgun with Trench Barrel will make light work of the Blightguard. Players that are draining the Deathsinger's Power should not kill any enemies that spawn in the middle, except for those that attack them directly. The more enemies that make their way down to the side rooms, the more charges the Brand holders will be able to accumulate. Do not apply Shadowshot to the middle room as this just delays the enemies from reaching the Annihilator Totems. Warlocks should use Well of Radiance below the Annihilator Totems or in the center room to help with survival.

There are a couple of things to note about this fight. Firstly, groups of enemies spawn just beside each platform, towards the center of the room. These should be defeated quickly, especially the platform to the right of the entrance, as four Taken Phalanx will spawn there. Similarly, snipers will spawn on floating islands to the sides of the arena when the second platform is activated. During damage phase, a good DPS spot is on the small ledge in the middle, opposite the Daughter you need to defeat.

Run down the slope on the right side, ducking into cover as needed. Wait for the Chariot to pass then run and jump down into the gap on the right side. You will have to fight some Basilisks. Proceed through and you will come to the double wide slope.

When Kiryu returns with Makoto, he runs into Nishikiyama again, who was ordered by his fellow men to kill Kiryu for causing them so much trouble. One of Dojima's thugs, knowing about Nishikiyama's inferiority complex, even offers Nishikiyama credit if he succeeds. However, Nishikiyama refuses and instead joins forces with Kiryu to fight their way back to Makoto. They managed to find Tachibana but were too late to save him, as he dies from injuries sustained after being tortured.

Nishikiyama uses a simple fighting style that combines basic, but powerful punches and kicks. His moveset consists of a right hook-left hook-right uppercut combo, a charged right hook-left uppercut-flying double uppercut combo, a low right hook, a right roundhouse kick and a running right kick. He can jump on Kiryu and use Essence of Mounting when Kiryu is knocked to the ground, wherein he repeatedly punches Kiryu's face. His grabs are very difficult to escape and he will either perform a suplex or trigger his QTE which has him grab Kiryu before they begin to throw right hooks at each other one-by-one. If the button prompt is mashed fast enough, Kiryu will punch Nishikiyama twice in a row and knock him to the ground, but failure to do so will result in Nishiki doing the same to Kiryu. Nishiki can use Essence of Mounting or trigger his QTE an indefinite amount of times. He can also make use of the various furniture strewn throughout the area to bash or throw at Kiryu.

Nishikiyama uses the moveset he used in 0, with added moves such as Joji Kazama's hammer fist and right knee-left kick-Morote Zuki combo. His taunt animation is a shuffling dance instead of his 0 taunt animation (which also results in him not having his taunt counter), and he can use Essence of Wreckage on Kiryu if Kiryu is down and Nishikiyama is in his Heat state. His blue aura provides contrast to Kiryu's red Dragon style aura, the exact opposite of how their auras are in the original Yakuza.

You fight Savathun several times during the finale of The Ritual mission. The first time you encounter her in an outdoor courtyard, you can safely plink away at her health while using the huts in the corners of the area for cover. The enemies that spawn in during this encounter, especially the three Hive Lightbearers right at the end, are generally more threatening than Savathun herself. Stay on top of the other mobs as you damage Savathun and she'll be 'dead' in no time.

Now it's time for phase two. Savathun will respawn and move to a distant island, and you'll find that she's much tankier this time. Once you deal a sliver of damage to her, she'll split into three clones around the ring of the arena. These clones are much easier to kill and they'll drop an aura on death. Walk through this aura to get the buff Glass Breaker. Once you get this buff, head to the portal in the middle of the arena, right in front of the big spire, and use the buff to disrupt the ritual. Repeat this process for all three clones and buffs to open the portal.

Finally, we're at phase three. Savathun will summon what looks like a giant Ward of Dawn at this point, and the fight will become a revive-limited Darkness Zone, so be careful. Once again, we're going to need stacks of Thread Cutter to deal damage to Savathun. But this time, we're going to get them in the outdoor arena by killing the Threadweavers that spawn around the outer ring. Each Threadweaver is accompanied by a small group of Hive Acolytes, so take your time dismantling each group before moving to the next.

Players who prefer fighting Alice with an element of risk can do an interesting take provided they have a mage that has the Living On The Edge Skill (Necromancer) Skill, and a tank character that can cast Forced Exchange (Polymorph).

If Jahan the Demon Hunter boasts of his expertise in killing demons, then surely he can eliminate Alice, right? Thing is, there's a way players can force Alice to confront Jahan herself. Firstly, a character with ranged specializations (e.g., a class like a battlemage or a ranger) should wait near Jahan's home but within proximity of Jahan. Secondly, have another character with enough range to teleport Alice to the nearby beach. This will force Alice to try to return to her cliff. However, she will stop near Jahan's house due to her AP limit. 041b061a72

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