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The significance of the Matching Rings For Couples

A symbol of love unconditional that can be presented at special occasions.

The Solitaire Ring symbolizes the eternal love. It is characterized by a single gemstone set into the ring. It symbolizes a long-lasting and loyal bond, accompanied by unwavering love. It is one of three engagement rings that are given during marriage proposals and other occasions. What is the history of the Solitaire engagement ring? What is its meaning and other occasions for giving it?

What is solitaire ring?

The Solitaire engagement ring differs from other rings as it has a single precious gemstone set into the ring. The most popular stone is a white gold solitaire with a diamond, but there are also Solitaires that feature other precious stones or metals.

The Solitaire features two different types of setting, both with prongs similar to the famous Tiffany Setting, in which the stone is held in the middle of the ring using prongs. The other is bezels in which the stone is in the form of a flat cavity.

The most well-known cut is the brilliant cut. It's round and can make any stone shine with a bright light.

The meaning of solitaire

The Solitaire with diamonds is a symbol of forever love and an unbreakable bond. It is an indication of fidelity since the presence of a single stone symbolizes an individual love, commitment and the stability of the relationship.

It is a promise to the future, hence the reason it is mostly used in the ceremony of marriage and, because of its circular shape and its symbolism of eternity.

Stones and metals with which to create a Solitaire

The white diamond is the most commonly used stone in solitaire rings. It symbolizes the purity, solidity, and stability between two people. They are typically cut with the princess or brilliant cut, and are available in a round, heart or drop shape.

However, currently the choice of stone is also based on other types of precious stones, like colored diamonds or stones that are attributed different meanings from those of the diamond.

Solitaires can be created using rubies as a symbol of love. They can also be adorned with sapphires and aquamarines which are stones that symbolize the stability, fidelity and happiness in the course of a relationship.

The options available from there are also zircons which provide the Solitaire more casual appearance and can be easily adapted to any style and clothing.

In terms of metals the most favored option for setting the Solitaire is white gold, but the most contemporary models are also made in rose or yellow gold as well as steel or silver, depending on the tastes of the person to whom you give the solitaire.

Solitaire rings have a long tradition.

The tradition of giving an engagement ring as a sign of commitment and promise of love has been in use since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It is precisely in this time that the custom of putting the wedding engagement ring on the left finger also started.

According to the ancients, in fact the left ring finger of the hand is home to the vena Amoris, a small vein that runs across the arm before reaching the heart. A rings on the left ring finger is a great sign for the couple. They will be together for the rest of their lives.

Solitaires with diamonds dates back to Renaissance times. The first to give an engagement ring with diamonds was Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who in 1477 gave his future wife, Mary of Burgundy, an engagement ring in gold that contained a diamond to symbolize eternal union and love.

When to present a Solitaire ring

Solitaires are often given as gifts. Solitaire is often given as an indication of love, for example, during the wedding proposal or as an engagement ring. It could also be presented to mark significant moments or anniversaries in couples' lives.

However, this doesn't mean that a Solitaire cannot be given for other occasions or to different people, especially when choosing other stones to go along with the diamond.

Solitaires make a great present for a mother and daughter, or to celebrate an important event. It could also be given as a gift to a special person. There are no limits, the important thing, given the significance of the Solitaire is to give it to someone with whom you share an unbreakable and significant bond.

Where to wear Solitaire rings

If you give the ring as a present during a marriage proposal, wear it on the left ring. After the wedding has been celebrated however the ring should be moved to the right ring finger, so as not to hide the wedding ring with its shine.

If inve the Solitaire was given as an gift in lieu of the engagement, you can wear it on any finger.

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