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Prince Of Persia (Classic 1989) _TOP_ Download PC Game

Prince of Persia is a cinematic platform game developed and published by Broderbund for the Apple II in 1989. It was designed and implemented by Jordan Mechner. Taking place in medieval Persia, players control an unnamed protagonist who must venture through a series of dungeons to defeat the evil Grand Vizier Jaffar and save an imprisoned princess.

Prince Of Persia (Classic 1989) Download PC Game


The player has a health indicator that consists of a series of small red triangles. The player starts with three. Each time the protagonist is damaged (cut by sword, fallen from two floors of heights or hit by a falling rock), the player loses one of these indicators. There are small jars containing potions of several colours and sizes. The red potions scattered throughout the game restore one health indicator. The blue potions are poisonous, and they take one life indicator as damage. There are also large jars of red potion that increase the maximum number of health indicators by one, and large jars of green potion that grants a temporarily ability to hover. If the player's health is reduced to zero, the protagonist dies. Subsequently, the game is restarted from the beginning of the stage in which the protagonist died but the timer will not reset to that point, effectively constituting a time penalty. There is no counter for the number of lives; but if time runs out, the princess will be gone and the game will be over, subject to variations per console versions:[excessive detail?]

Prince of Persia is a 1989 fantasy cinematic platformer originally developed and published by Brøderbund and designed by Jordan Mechner for the Apple II. In the game, players control an unnamed protagonist who must venture through a series of dungeons to defeat the Grand Vizier Jaffar and save an imprisoned princess.

Prince of Persia was released in 1989 on the Apple II and received critical acclaim followed by commercial success when released in Japan the following year. The fluid character animations, considered cutting edge at the time, were based on videos of the game designer's brother performing stunts as well as action sequences from classic films.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Another interesting news story for you all, as we have just been told through twitter, that the all time classic platformer of 'Prince of Persia'; a game which has been released for many different systems back in 1989 by Broderbund and a more recent high quality Atari XL/XE port that was featured on Indie Retro News last year, has been made available as a Unity remake for both Windows and MAC by HoussamChab.

Prince of Persia is not only a game that featured lots of well designed platforming levels, but the game was full of danger as you must be careful not to fall through loose floors, get hit by sword wielding guards, crushed by gates or at worst skewered in blood on deadly spikes. So yes if you remember playing that classic game in 1989, it might be worth trying out this remake which is available to download below from HoussamChab.

Mechner scored gold in 1989 when Prince of Persia was released. Described by PC Review as "an ever-present in any compiled list of classic games of all time," it has sold nearly 2,000,000 copies and won numerous awards, including "Game of the Decade" from Generation 4/Canal+ in 1997. The game was published first on the Apple II platform, but soon made it to virtually all platforms in existance at the time including: DOS, Macintosh, Amiga, NES, SNES, GameBoy, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Sega CD, Game Gear, Commodore 64, and FM Towns. It's popularity was not confined to just the United States. In all, the game has been published in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, and Israel.

The Prince of Persia series goes all the way back to 1989 and has had a number of notable releases since. The series is best recognized today for its action-adventure gameplay; however, back in the late 80s and early 90s, it was known for inspiring the cinematic platformer genre.

Prince of Persia is a fantasy cinematic 2D platformer originally developed and published by Brøderbund and designed by Jordan Mechner. It was initially released in 1989 for the Apple II. It was ported to many platforms, including Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS in 1990, Sega Master System, Game Gear and Game Boy in 1992. It is considered the first game of this genre and the precursor of other cinematic platformers such as Another World.

Prince of Persia Classic is a remake of the original 1989 Prince of Persia that started it all. There have been couple of remakes of this game in the past for mobile, one by Gameloft and the other by Ubisoft but since then they have been removed and replaced with this one.

Prince of Persia is a classic that many of us have fond memories of, often in monochrome colors. The smooth and life like movements of the prince were something most of us hadn't seen before back in 1990. A lot of Prince of Persia games followed, but none of these sequels were as revolutionary as this first game. Ported to many systems, even modern ones, you still need to use DOSBox to play Prince of Persia on Windows. But wait! What's that? SDLPoP? That's right. Play Prince of Persia 1 directly on Windows 11 or Windows 10 and older.

Prince of Persia is a true Macintosh classic platformer title. It featured advanced fine color graphics for the time compared to the other OS versions (e.g.: DOS). The quality of animations in Prince of Persia were impressive and looked realistic for a 1989 computer game. Prince of Persia features close melee combat with a sword that the player will find at the end of the first level. The movements are defined as running, carefully walking and climbing ledges. On the path to the princess, the player will encounter spike traps, falling floor/ceiling tiles, poison and health potions (and at extremely rare places in the game, a gravity defying potion and an upside down screen flipping potion) and ennemy guards that will fight with their sword. At one point in the game, there will also be a little friend with a tail that will save the player's life ;-)

Prince of Persia (often shortened to "POP") is a platform game, originally developed by Jordan Mechner in 1989. In this game protagonists and enemies fought with swords, not projectile weapons, as was the case in most contemporary games. Play Prince of Persia here on Classic Reload now!

Additional features to the level editor include the option to change certain game events like music or checkpoints, and even cross-platform support that keeps the program interface both fast and stable during your editing. But of course, the best part of all is that you can then actually play your brand new Prince of Persia levels and bask in the glory of being the next greatest new-age DOS game developer! You can check out some more screenshots of the open source level editor and download the free application for Windows or Linux to give it a try for yourself by clicking right over here.

- Instructions:1- Download and extract the files. (You can also download the files directly from your phone).2- Connect your phone with usb cable (or connect using bluetooth) and transfer the "apk" file inside your phone, inside a folder you want, example in "Download" folder.3- Go to your phone file manager, open "Download" folder and tap the game you want to install. Don't start the games.4- Prince 1 Classic needs another file to work: copy and paste the folder named: "org.ubisoft.premium.POPClassic" inside: sdcard0\Android\obb5- Don't rename folder and files. Step 4 is only for Prince 1. No needed for Prince 2.6- Disconnect the cable and now you can delete the apk files to free some space in your phone, (The game remains installed).7- Play!

Who is your favorite Prince of Persia? Will it be the one from the 8 bit game that started it all? or will it be the super beefy rockstar prince of Warrior Within? Maybe, just maybe Jake Gyllenhall will be the best prince.

Back in 1989, the first Prince of Persia game was released on the Apple II, eventually finding its way to a host of platforms like the Game Boy, NES, and MS-DOS (the version I'm most familiar with). Not only is this the game that started a genre of cinematic platformers (like Another World in '91 and Flashback in '92), it's still heralded as one of the best, all thanks to its slick movement animations that utilized rotoscoping for their creation. While the original has inspired the design of many sequels, the first game still holds a special place in my heart, which is why I was very excited to discover an HTML5/JavaScript port of the MS-DOS version of Prince of Persia on GitHub that's perfectly playable on Android devices. You can even create a launcher for your homescreen to quickly jump into this port fullscreen, complete with touch controls.

This page provides general information on the Prince of Persia (1989) videogame. As more information about the project appears, you will find here news, videos, screenshots, arts, interviews with developers and more. Perhaps you have stumbled on this page in search of download torrent Prince of Persia (1989) without registration or download Prince of Persia (1989) on high speed. provides only information about the games and no free download Prince of Persia (1989).

If you have issues with starting or playing Prince of Persia (1989) on the PC, in this handy tech issues Prince of Persia (1989) solving guide we have general solutions to many problems encountered by gamers. If you would like to use your no Xbox 360 compatible controller with this game, you can find x360ce emulator install manual for Prince of Persia (1989).

Prince Of Persia Classic is the remastered varient of the Prince Of Persia 1989 Game, and its gameplay is similar to the POP 1898 Game, but with great enhancement in the department of graphics, and game visibility. The gameplay story is almost the same as shared in the POP 1989 version. We feel that it would be a great opportunity for new gamers to experience an old gaming product with improved graphics. 041b061a72

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